9:33 AM

While enjoying my second cup of coffee this morning, a coworker came into my office with a glum look on her face. I could tell, without asking, she was about to tell me something depressing and like a good little listener that I am, I leaned back in my squeaky chair, and took it.

"My daughter's friend just got engaged over the summer. Found out he had brain cancer a week later, and died two days ago. They'd already sent out their save the dates and were supposed to get married this September."

Damn. If that's not a day ruining thought, I don't know what is. Here I am, mentally dragging myself because I wore the most ridiculously too large for me (but not in a cute oversized way) top to work, and some 29 year old, who had his entire life ahead of him, just died over the weekend. As much as stories like this completely pain me, they drive me. They force my weary mom eyes open and make me see the bigger picture, which let's be honest, isn't always at the top of my list.

While trying to understand why I left the house in such a terrible outfit this morning, I was also cut off on a side road, hit a slew of pot-holes (which I said little prayers, that they didn't puncture a tie or something), and almost didn't make it merging on the highway, because Range Rover Rick was texting and driving. If I'm being honest, I got to work feeling like Monday number two, and every ounce of me was ready to wish the day away. That is, until that conversation.


We have to stop thinking about all those small, daily inconveniences that drag us down. Letting a crappy commute, poor choice in outfit, or a morning where your kids seem to be losing their damn minds, define your entire day has to change. This is our day. Our moment, and I know there's plenty of people wishing to swap seats with you. Even my worst day, is someone's best day. Someone out there is wishing they had a vehicle to drive. Someone out there is wishing they had something to wear. Someone out there longs for the sounds of kids to full their home.

We;re so conditioned to chug through our day to lives in a sense of "let's get by." I know you've felt it too, the let's-get-to-Friday effect. I've actually coined it at home to "live by Fridays." Basically pushing Monday through Thursday aside as the worst and celebrating our Friday through Sunday. News flash, those are STILL days. No matter how mindlessly numb you've convinced yourself to be Monday through Thursday, those days still have the same 24 hours in them that the rest do. There's still time for your family, time to plan, time to utilize. Yet the majority of us spend those four precious days wishing they were gone.

I'm far from innocent. When it comes to living by Fridays, I used to be the poster child. That was, until I saw what it was doing to me come Wednesday night. I was a drained mess. I'd usually stopped attempting to do my hair or spend a few extra minutes on my makeup on Thursday mornings, and all of me felt wet noodle, if you will. Not only was I wishing my week away, I was wishing away precious time I had with my family, and that's such a priceless gift in the grand scheme of things.

What are you going to do differently when Monday rolls around? Are you going to commute to work, head hung low repeating to yourself "four more days.... four more days." Or are you going to feel the gratitude of the vehicle beneath you, the giggles of your children in the backseat, the sun shining through your windows. Chose to feel those small things. Remind yourself that this day wasn't promised, and it's just as good as the rest. We have to stop living for the later, and embrace the time we dismiss as ordinary.

Happy weekend!

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