7:09 AM

Five years. Five years I have had the privilege to love on you, to learn from you, to watch you grow. Five years I've been able to make you smile; make you laugh. Five years I have kissed your boo-boos, taught you how to be independent, and chased the monsters away.

Five night lights, because you're just a touch like me, mixed with the strong will of your father. Five more minutes of snuggles at bedtime. Five more reasons to love you even more than I already do.

Five years ago, when the universe made me a mother, I couldn't have even began to understand what was placed into my arms. Your genuine ability to care, to feel when people are sad. Your ever changing ideas, and creativity. You, my sweet sweet girl, are going to do big things.

You're going to change the world. I know so. Happy 5th Birthday Penelope.

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