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As I strive to redeem myself from last years mash-up of a blogging schedule, I've dipped into aspects of my life that have progressed for the better. One of those areas, our family schedule and my personal, weekly goals.

I'm one of those stone age, paper planner types of gals, and I don't see me breaking that process any time soon. Not only does my brain forget absolutely everything I verbally agree too, it's nice having a space to jot down thoughts, goals, and my never ending to-do lists.

My yearly planner, while still holding appointments and obligations, operates more like a journal. I write little notes to myself, encouraging quotes, and my favorite, my weekly goals. With everything I didn't do last year, this was one thing I finally achieved. Flipping through last years planner is not only satisfying, it's encouraging. Week by week, I transformed my life into tasks, and still had fun while doing so. It's something that has followed my into the new year with ease, and something I'm excited to tweak in the months to come.

Last year, chose a different word to label each month of my life. A word I could repeat to myself when I was feeling down, in attempts to find some sort of center with the hustle and bustle of every day hectic life. It worked at first, there were even a few months I put the word on our refrigerator, but like all good intentions, it slipped through the cracks.

Reflecting on all the good of last year tells me one thing, months fly by in the blink of an eye. Especially when those months are booked and filled up before they even get there. No wonder I stopped the one word of the month goal, there was just way too much to remember on top of it all.

The months I managed to keep my word in my head and on my fridge, it did help. So, how can I bring this old principle into the new year? Easily. One word for the entire year of 2019. My word is: satisfied.

Satisfaction is something we all know the meaning of, but seldom feel that meaning.  Though I truly believe you can and will always do and achieve more than you are today, and dont mistake my interpretation of being satisfied with being stuck. Rather, think of it as an extension of contentment, but something just a tad past that. I think there is such a beautiful, wonderful feeling of being satisfied that can provide you with the sense to keep chugging along. Short term satisfaction, leads to long term success. 

So many of us are working toward bigger and better goals, but when we take a step back and truly feel grateful for what we have now, we feel that overwhelming feeling call satisfaction, that assures us we don't need to compete with others around us to feel more important than we know we are.

Ever compare yourself to someone else? Your house? Your car? Guess what, you're human. Finding a space in your heart to be satisfied with what you currently have, will not only change your life in the long term, but it will change your mindset for the better. The act of being satisfied with your life and what you have now, will change future you.

What I hope to be satisfied with in 2019.... 

  • my home
  • my ability as a mother
  • my relationships with others

Just a fraction of these things are doable with the right mindset, and I truly hope it is one thing I can manage to stick with for the rest of the days to come. 

What's your word for 2019? 

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