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It's been quite a few weeks over here between back and forth sick spells, feeling defeated, and chaotic schedules. Instead of waking up with dread that I had to return to the office today for Monday number two, I had more of a pep in my step. For so many, the new year is a much needed reset for people, and girl, let me tell you how badly I need that reset. Seriously, someone find me a bobby pin, and hold for three to five seconds. Lame toy joke... 

Most of us, myself included, spent yesterday reflecting on the past year. The good, the bad, the ugly. Like me, you probably talked about everything you wish you would have done, and everything you're going to do in the new year. It's in our nature to dream, to constantly want more, but how many of us actually get there?

Our year in review.... 

I didn't make resolutions last year, or at least if I did, I forgot all of them in typical "new year new me," fashion. Joshua, however, made one huge new years resolution, and for the first time ever, I witnessed someone actually achieve one of these silly things. It's been 366 days for Joshua since he stopped smoking, and not only is he feeling all sorts of triumph from accomplishing that alone, he feels healthier, happier and more confident.

Josh had a great year. In addition to breaking the habit, he also made the huge decision to change career. I'm not the happiest with how I was toward the switch at first, but it ended up being the best thing for our family, and I have never seen him so genuinely happy to wake up and go to work.

In addition to all the newness, Penny started Preschool this past year and has completely blossomed into this amazing little kid so curious about everything around her. As Penny grows, so does Harry, and watching him mimic and try to be just like is big sister is all I ever wanted when it came to having kids.

So maybe I did get a six pack, but I did shed a few pounds and admittedly feel pretty good. Maybe I didn't create the flower beds of my dreams, but Josh and I did work crazy hard a few weekends planting and pulling weeds. Maybe I didn't read twelve books, but I did read six. Maybe I didn't stand up for myself as much as I should, but I did start telling people no. I think more so than not, I accomplished a lot that can't necessarily be put into a list of resolutions. We worked on our home, our marriage, and our schedule the best we could and overall, I think we had one heck of a year.

Cheers to new beginnings, new obstacles, and new time spent together. I cannot wait to see where this next road takes us.

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