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Tired? Confused? Sam girl, same. Lately, it's like I blink around here and it's a new year. In all honesty, I had planned to abandon blog until after the new year, but the constant harping of "why don't you blog anymore" comments from my darling little sis, have me feeling all the guilt. I never intend to take these random breaks from the blog, but it seems like I'm all go-go-go and less think-think-think. Seriously, I've been on some level of autopilot this entire year, and, oh Christmas is literally a month away.... great.

A couple of things....

Firstly, I am now a mom of two toddlers. I'm sure Penny is nearing that toddler-kid gap, but who decides that? Which department you visit when clothes shopping?

Summer went out with a bang, and before we knew it, Harry's first birthday crept up on us. We had a little backyard, hot dogs and cake, superhero party and everyone was dying with the out-of-character weather we were having. He enjoyed himself, didn't really care for the cake, and overall had a fantastic first birthday.

Secondly, Penny is rocking Preschool. Not that I thought she wouldn't, but obviously as a parent you want them to do well and cross your fingers they aren't acting like fools when they're under different adult supervision. We had out first parent teacher conference and literally the "worst" thing about Penny is that she is doesn't like to break schedule. *cough cough..... my fault.....

We've spent the first two months of school deep in fundraisers, school activities, and getting to connect with her teachers and parents of some of the other kiddos. It's been a blur of hectic days, but man oh man is it fun.

Lastly, our time and energy has been devoted to some home projects. Some, totally out of our DIY ability, and so expensive that I can't think about it for too long or I'll start panicking. Basically, we purchased our home two years ago, and the experience was terrible beyond anything I can describe, and after having the normal house issues, we are now facing some minor foundation damage and ripped up all our laminate flooring and replaced it with carpet. The basement was repaired and carpet was installed last week, and basically I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things, which I'm quite certain is next to impossible.

In happier talked about home updates, our bedroom is finally starting to feel like two grown adults live in it. It's amazing what paint and new curtains do to a space. There's still some things I want to tweak here and there, but the overall vibe we get when we go into our room is very peaceful, and I dig it.

I'm not totally sure what the future holds for this blog, and it's not something I want to leave entirely, I just feel with the rise of the almighty Youtube, blogging has become such a lost art. It's sad, really. I can type so much more than I can say, and I don't think my skin is thick enough, nor am I the least bit interesting, for Youtube.

When I started this blog, I wanted to keep it realistic as possible and the new reality of it all is my time is just something I haven't been able to master anymore. I think I'll get there, one day, but in the meantime I'll just be surviving on caffeine. I can only hope I can figure this whole thing called life out a little bit more in the months to come. Thanks for sticking around! I promise I am a lot more witty and entertaining on INSTAGRAM.

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