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    Picture this moment if you will. A moment I'm sure all of you have had at one point or another. You go shopping for that little adorable kiddo in your life. They look really cute in mint, and rose pink, so naturally, you toss five or six tops in that general color scheme into your cart. One has a cat, some arrows, real basic, trendy stuff. Your heart leaps when you dress them in their new outfit and you even bribe them into an Instagram picture. #toddlerstyle #cutestkiddo #momlife.... you know your kid is cute, and you're so excited to show off their adorable outfit. Almost as fast as you hit that post button, there's suddenly some gigantic, mysterious red stain all down the front of said outfit. Don't let them move, walk outside, or even blow bubbles. Seriously, did you know bubbles ruin clothing?! Sometimes I honestly wonder why I bother trying so hard to make Penny look so cute, when I blink, she's caked in dirt.

    I solved this issue nearly two years ago, on accident! I love me some Carter's, Oshkosh, but I don't love my inability to see these semi pricey outfits get ruined on the first wear. The solution? "GAP shopping!"

    What is "GAP" shopping? No, it is not shopping at The Gap. Love their clothing, not so into their prices. Instead, my way of "GAP" shopping is as easy as this, start buying your kiddo's clothing at consignment shops, thrift stores first. Depending on sizes, it's really easy to find the bare basics this way, and once you've got a good backbone to your little's closet, fill in the GAPS!


  • plain tees
  • sweatshirts
  • graphic tees
  • dresses

    In our case, we visit a little consignment shop called "Once Upon a Child." You can buy AND sell there, which makes my life a heck of a lot easier as well. Another crazy saver tip I have, I try to only shop there during their 25%-30% off sales. Which means regularly priced items are 25%-30% off and clearance items are 70% off! What?! Yes! I take full advantage of those sales, in the crazy lady waiting for them to open, sitting on the floor looking through every rack. I go hard. Goodwill is another great place to start your GAP shopping, but any old consignment store will do!

    Once I have a nice back bone to the kid's seasonal wardrobe, this includes pants, hoodies, as many basic tees and tops as I can get my hands onto, then it's time to fill those GAPS! The younger they are, the easier this principle is. It's just science. Babies move less than toddlers, therefore, baby clothing is much easier to find, but that doesn't mean finding quality, gently used toddler clothing is impossible.

  • Jeans
  • leggings
  • shoes
  • some tees

    Things like pants, leggings, and most of our shoes, we buy brand new. With babies, pants are hit or miss. Especially during the crawling stage, but I would say 95% of Harry's pants and shorts are second hand. Toddlers however, that's a different story. I still look, but majority of the time, secondhand toddler jeans, leggings are on the thin side and you won't get much wear out of them.

    Shoes! Yes, shoes can even be purchased second hand! Kids feet grow freakishly fast, I love buying shoes for the kids, but the idea of spending $25- $45 on ONE pair of shoes they might wear for a few months, is frightening. We have found many great deals on brands like Converse, Stride Rite, and even Nike! Flip flops, I do purchase new, at the beginning of the summer from Old Navy. They are $3 and come in a zillion colors. Plus, I have never found another brand of flip flop that stands up to the wear that the Old Navy flip flops can take. They are top notch and will last you all summer.

    GAP shopping has saved our family hundreds when it comes to our yearly clothing budget. If you're a family on a budget, or maybe you just LOVE to save money, give my GAP shopping a go!

How do you save money on kids clothing? 

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