10:00 PM

     Remember those days when the towering Ferris wheel felt like the biggest thing you'd ever seen? I do. I remember gazing up at the metal structure with so many crippling feelings and wondering why in the heck anyone ever elected to ride one. Until I finally did, and I realized what all the hype was about. Perspective.

    Over the weekend, we took a drive to our local community festival to let Penny ride some rides. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, and we were pooling in sweat and I was forcing everyone to drink water every five minutes, but it was truly a wonderful evening. Penny, of course, took one look at the Ferris wheel and said "no way," much like I would have long ago. Of course, Joshua came to her side, assuring her he'd be right next to her.

    I stood below the tall, metal structure and watched as a nervous Penny climbed into the wobbly seat next to her dad. She's one of those nervous smilers, but I can always tell when shes uncomfortable. I watched as they passed, some final destination scenario playing over in my head, and with each rotation her smile grew bigger and bigger. A happy smile replaced the nervous one. She was seeing the world from a different height, a new perspective, and conquering a fear all at the same time.

    Something we forget as lines enter our skin, as our hair turns dull, we forget perspective. We forget that we were once that tiny four year old staring up at the spokes of the giant Ferris wheel and saying "no way." Yet once we reached the top, we suddenly felt like we could see the whole world. Those precious moments in time just seem to disappear into thin air.

    See I can find life lessons in the most random of places. A community festival just happened to teach me a few. Watching our toddler experience these magical, wonderful things that I perceive as potential death traps, really changes the way I think about everything. Once upon a time, everything we looked at was magical, and in time, we forgot that. We focus on reality a little too much for my taste. Sometimes we need to remember what it felt like to see the "whole world" from the top of a Ferris wheel for the first time.

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