8:43 AM

    This week was a doozy. Prior to it's start, I promised myself that this would be the week I'd start paying more attention to my blog, so as always, life decided to say "hey, catch." Enter the above photo, and the poor eight month old clinging to mommy.

    I'm pretty sure I'd rather be sick for a month than have to watch one of my littles tough it out with something.  Unfortunately it's one of those parenting woes that you have to go through. My advice to new parents: it gets better.

    Parenthood can sometimes feel isolating. It doesn't have to be. Here are a few things to remind yourself, and how Joshua and I survive the dreaded sick days with our little ones.

SACRIFICE YOUR SCHEDULE: We are very much a family of routine. We have our morning, our evening and our weekend pretty much hammered out, but when one of your kids gets sick, that schedule is, and should be, pushed to the side. You're probably not getting to bed on time, and you might be eating mac and cheese three times that week. That doesn't make you a crappy parent, it makes you one that knows where the focus needs to go.

CREATE A NIGHTTIME STATION: Have you even woken up in the middle of the night and stumbled aimlessly around your house looking for medicine with a full blown fever? Yeah, it sucks. Keep baby wipes, medicine, diapers, and extra clothes in a neat pile before you hit the sack, for those midnight crying sessions.

SNUGGLE LIKE IT'S YOUR JOB: I'm a busy body by nature, but when one of my kids are sick, it's the couch. Snuggle like it's your job, the other things can wait.

REMIND YOURSELF THERE'S ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN DO: I struggle with this piece of my own advice two years ago when Penny got Hand foot and mouth. I was so upset with myself and felt like I did something wrong and it could have been prevented. After some much needed research, I realized it's nearly unavoidable. Remind yourself that there's only so much you can do for them, and sometimes those cuddles are all they need.

    We end the week with one little guy on antibiotics, and one overly caffeinated mommy. I expect a long weekend for us, one full of mom buns, leggings, and Netflix, but hey, that's parenting for you. Expect the unexpected.

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