10:00 PM

     Basically right after Harry was born, I tried to get photos of him in the miscellaneous frames around our house. That is one thing I've always seemed to be good at. My rule of thumb has always been: when people stop looking like they do in the photo, it's time to change the photo. Obviously, there are exceptions, but that's what I stick to.

    On Good Friday, Joshua snapped, what I want to consider, one of the best photos to date of our kids. It was one of those instant "I must print this," moments. Even a few minutes after he took the photo, I scrambled to get it on Instagram. I was so taken a back by my kids in the particular photo. They were both smiling, for once, which made it a favorite for obvious reasons. But not only that, I realized something, we had two beautiful, perfect kids.

     There's been so many people talking about "our next one." No shade at families that choose to grow their families passed the two mark, but this is enough. We have two healthy and happy kids and there is no part of me that feels like it isn't enough. It's everything. For about two years of my life, following the birth of our daughter I felt like there was something missing. Now that our son is here, I just dont feel that anymore. He was the void. He completed us, and watching the two of them together is one of the most rewarding feelings. I think when it hits you, you know. Whether that be one child, or six kids, you truly know and we know we're a family of 4. I mean, and three cats, and one neurotic dog. Four is our number, and I know they are all I will ever need.

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