5:51 AM

    Those little moments; the ones that happen so organically. The ones that aren't planned and nearly knock us off our feet they are so full of love and emotion. Do you know what I'm talking about? Two weeks ago, I had one of those, and it really solidified all those typical "am I doing enough" mom woes we all have.

     It was a Saturday like any other and Pen asked to spend the night at her grandparents with her cousin. They were visiting at the time and it was kind of a last minute thing. I had just started dinner, Joshua was wrangling Harry and I was tossing things into an overnight bag. Side note, I hate when she spends the night places. I wholeheartedly trust our parents and obviously I know she has a blast, but the way I feel when she's not asleep under the same roof as me, is quite frankly terrible. I felt blindsided by the request, but couldn't turn down her excitement.

    Like any other time she says over night, I slept like crap. I got up a ton, both my own free will and with Harry, and the house just didn't feel the same. We woke up in the morning and Josh went to pick her up while Harry and I stayed at the house. When I heard the garage door opening, I stood up to greet her and was met with the most innocent smile. "Mommy, I have a surprise for you." Joshua pulled out a little basket of purple daisies. He said when they got in the car, Penny told me she wanted to bring me flowers because she missed me. Insert the sound of my heart exploding. It was such a real moment for us. Something she thought of totally on her own. She put two and two together that bringing people flowers makes them happy and she knows I am so when she leaves. No matter how much I question today or tomorrow, I know we're raising that little girl with the biggest heart and that makes me feel like the best mom I could hope to be.

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