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     It's no secret I've been a slacker blogger lately. I tell myself I'm going to post once a week and them before I know it, I've gone on a two week hiatus with four half written posts and a stack of stick note ideas I've managed to spill coffee on. Sigh, the life of a mom.

    Mom life. Totally my reason for the random here and there's and I really don't feel bad about it. I feel a little bad, I mean this blog is my "hobby," if I can even call it that, so when I neglect it, I feel like I suppress a part of myself. So.... a little life update, yes?

thankful for..... Joshua and I became an aunt an uncle again last weekend of February! So thankful for more babies in our family and for Harry to have someone to grow up with! ..... oh, and coffee. Always thankful for coffee.

reading..... Last year, I made (and totally failed) a goal to read twelve books. I think I made it to five before giving up. You know, pregnancy brain. This year, I've started back up again and I'm right on track with Book number 3! Currently, I'm reading Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover. If you're at all familiar with Dave, yes, Joshua and I are on Baby step 2, and once we reach the 6 month mark, I plan to talk about our journey on the blog! sister's bomb-diggity salsa.

drinking..... Nine water bottles a day because I'm breastfeeding. Can you say potty breaks?

wearing.....these tanks! As a nursing mom, I do a lot of the double shirt method when out and about. Harry hates the nursing cover, so I gave up on that a few months ago. Walmart rolled out this new line of clothing, and while walking by, I just snagged a black tank for the simple fact they were less than $4. These shirts are awesome! The material is nice and thick and has great stretch. Plus, hello $4!

listening.....I feel you judging me, but I cannot lie.... Post Malone.

playing.....lots of Peppa Pig memory. Pen's newest game craze is memory games. Good for adults who can't fine their keys on a daily basis too.

thinking.....about a zillion things I have no control over.

wishing.....I could turn my brain off at night

watching......we are currently re-watching all Grey's Anatomy. Watching Derek die last night was probably a terrible life choice.

    Typing all of this only made me aware of how bad of a mom-funk I have sank into. The kind no amount of coffee seems to fix. I hope it's one of those "this too shall pass" moments, or if it's just the terrible weather we are having. Whatever the case, I'd love for some sunshine and warm weather to perk me up like yesterday.

What are you currently loving? 

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