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     Every name has a story. Even two people who share the same name, weren't named that for the same reasons. In a way, our name is like it's own unique fingerprint in our lives and the lives of other's we meet. Maybe your presence in someone's life has led them to name their child after you, regardless if they are still in your life or not.

     For example, I was named after my mom's childhood neighbor. Not the most interesting story, but someone who made an impression on my mom, none the less. My sister, is named after Jessica McClure, who at 18 months old, fell into a well and was stuck for nearly three days as rescue crews worked to save her. Thankfully she survived, and my mom was so inspired by the story. My brother, William, "Bill," or "Billy" for short, is named after the grandpa I never knew and the father my mom didn't get to have. All names have a story. Do you know yours?

     As you read this, the story behind your own child's name is probably buzzing through your mind. Or if you've yet to become a parent, names you have thought about. Today I wanted to share the stories behind our two kiddo's names and why we named them what we did.

P e n e l o p e.

     A plane crash, a remote island, stranded survivors, a smoke monster? If you remember the hit TV show Lost from years back, you know exactly what I'm talking about. From the hot cast to the bizarre plot, it was one of the best, most talked about shows on TV. Nearly everyone assumes we chose the name Penny, because of the Big Bang Theory (you're saying in your head right now, knock knock Penny...knock knock Penny), but they are so very wrong.

     There was a character on Lost, named Penelope, that had ties to the backstory around one of the main characters. The main character referred to her as "Pen," and I fell in love with that. Now back when this show was on, I NEVER thought about having kids or what I would name them. October 2013, we found out our first baby was a girl. We hadn't given much thought to names yet, and basically we couldn't agree on anything. I may have suggested some out-there, eyerolly names Joshua still likes to remind me about, but in the end, both of us loved Penelope, "Penny" or "Pen" for short.

........IF she would have been a boy, her name would have been Elliot.

H a r r i s o n. 

     This time around, the baby name chatter started the week I told Josh I was pregnant. We had only been trying for two months and I had become one of those addicted to peeing on a stick type of women. So when that second line showed up, I was beyond ecstatic.

     Names were much harder this time around. It seemed like forever before we agreed on at least one name. Back in December of 2016, I had read Carrie Fisher's very last published work, The Princess Diarist. If you're at all a Star Wars fan, hopeless romantic, read it. Read it now. In a nutshell, the book reveals the real off camera feelings she and Harrison Ford had for one another. Again, it happened, I fell in love with a name. So much so, I was almost afraid to tell Josh how much I loved it in fear he'd hate it. When I finally told him, it just sounded so right, and both of us knew it was the one. Now that he's here, we call him Harry. Not something I planned on, but he just looks like a Harry. Plus, Penny and Harry sound adorable together, am I right?

........IF he would have been a girl, I probably would have caved and let Joshua pick because we could not agree on anything! He liked Veronica, and wanted the nickname "V." I wanted Emmeline, and the nickname Emmie."

Why did you pick the names you did for your kids? Had they been the opposite gender, what would you have named them?

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